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Regional Development - SPReD

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Regional Planning (8th semester)

The scope of the course is to provide the theoretical and methodological background that would enable a student to participate in the design and implementation of urban, regional and development plans. The course consists of both theory and applications. More specifically the theoretical part includes: Introduction to concepts in planning; theory in planning; the planning process; goal and objectives setting; delineation of regions; regional data base development; scenario planning and analysis; scenario evaluation; development of policy packages; regional planning in Greece; institutional framework for the implementation of regional plans; regional planning in Europe. The applied part on the other hand elaborates on the implementation of a regional plan for one of the administrative units of the country (e.g. nomos), following the methodological steps presented during the theoretical part of the course.



Obligatory Courses at the School Level

8th Semister

Regional Planning

Obligatory Courses at the Department Level

7th Semister

Economic Geography


Optional Courses

6th Semister

Spatial Policy and Regional Development

8th Semister

Evaluation in Spatial Planning

9th Semister

Theory and Methods of Participatory Planning

General Information

The Unit of Spatial Planning and Regional Development - SPReD in the School of Rural and Surveying Engineering gives five courses, as follows:

- obligatory courses at the School level – Course on ‘Regional Planning’;

- obligatory courses at the Department level – Course on ‘Economic Geography’; and

- optional courses on:
‘Spatial Policy and Regional Development’;
‘Evaluation in Spatial Planning’; and ‘Theory and Methods of Participatory Planning’.