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EPRI-WATCH: European Parliament Research Initiative Watch


ACTS - Advanced Communications Technologies And Services Dgxiii – Telecommunications, Information Market and Exploitation of Research, (AC079)

Duration: 1995-1999

Scientific Responsible: Prof. Maria Giaoutzi (giaoutsi@central.ntua.gr)

The Project Objectives

The aim of the EPRI-WATCH project is to establish contact between the policy makers and the Information Society and more specifically the technological developments and applications of the ACTS Project. In this context if focuses on the following aspects:
- It stimulates the information exchange between policy makers (national and regional parliaments) and the ACTS community. For this purpose it establishes a group of representatives of various parliaments which are in contact with the ACTS community
- It promotes the adoption and use of advanced communication services by parliamentarians and their collaborators, developing at the same time various services and databases with information useful for the parliamentarians (10 fields of interest)
- It extends the parliamentarian group in contact with the ACTS applications to countries of the Eastern Europe.


1. Teleport Sachsen-Anhalt GMBH, (TSA), Germany (Project Leader)
2. Infonet, Belgium
3. Ponton European Media Art Lab, (PONTON), Germany
4. Burger BreedBand Net VZW, (BBN), Belgium
5. Open Studio, (OPENSTD), Italy
6. CATRAL, France
7. Infopartner S.A., Luxembourg
8. VTT Information Technology, (VVT INFORM), Finland
9. North West Labs Ltd, (NWLABS), Ireland
10. Association of European Industry and Technology Region, (RETI), Belgium
11. European Online S.A., (EO), Luxemburg
12. Forschungsinstitut fur Telekommunikation an Fernuniversitat Hagen und Bergischen Universitat WUP, (FTK), Germany
13. Desarollo y Recursos S.L., (DYR), Spain
14. Demokritos, (NCSR)/NTUA, Greece
15. Institute of Technology Assessment, (ITA), Austria
16. IT Department of the Chancellory of the Sejm, (SEJMPOLAND), Poland
17. NCI Ltd, (NCI), The Slovak Republic


Doctoral Thesis

(Supervised by Prof. Maria Giaoutzi)

1996 - Stratigea Anastasia, "The Impacts of ICTs on Spatial Restructuring", NTUA.

2005 - Oludolapo O. Akinyosoye - Gbonda , "SYDEPETR - SYstem to support DEcision for the PETRoleum mining sector: The Niger Delta Region", NTUA.

2007 - Andreatou Aggeliki, "Decision Support Systems for Sustainable Development", NTUA.

2008 - Papakonstantinou Dimitrios, "Closed ICTs Networks in the Management of Tourism Product for Sustainable Development", NTUA.

2011 - Grammatikogiannis Elias, "Decision Making Systems for Public Participation in Regional Planning", NTUA.