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ReRisk: Regions at Risk of Energy Poverty


The ESPON 2013 Programme
Applied Research Project 2013/1/5

Duration: 2008-2010

Scientific Responsible: Prof. Maria Giaoutzi ( giaoutsi@central.ntua.gr)

The Project Objectives

The ReRisk project will indulge on the present and future vulnerability of the European Regions, in view of the rising energy prices. The research will focus on the impact assessment of the higher energy prices on regional competitiveness and cohesion. It formulates further policy recommendations on how to improve elasticity of energy demand at the regional level.

In order to reach these objectives, the research has been divided into three consecutive phases:

- An in-depth analysis of the regions’ present vulnerability in view of the rising energy prices. The final outcome of this first research step will be the elaboration of a “Risk-of-Energy-Poverty Profile” with the greatest regional break-down possible.

- The second step consists of clustering the regions according to their “Risk-of-Energy-Poverty Profile” in order to assess the economic impact of rising prices on the particular types of region and compare these results with other regional typologies defined in earlier ESPON projects.

- In the third step scenarios are structured to discuss possible future developments of the EU regions. These will integrate a Delphi exercise in order to ensure a direct participation of energy experts and regional stakeholders in the project.


INNOBASQUE (Project Leader)
Parque Tecnológico de Zamudio
Laida Bidea.Edificio 214
E48170 Zamudio
Contact: Oihana Blanco Mendizabal
Tel: +34 94 420 94 88
Fax: +34 94 420 94 89
E-mail: oblanco@innobasque.com

NORDREGIO - Nordic Centre for Spatial Development, SWEDEN
PO Box 1658
SE- 111 86 Stockholm
Contact: Rasmus Ole Rasmussen
Tel: +46 8 463 54 08
Fax: +46 8 463 54 01
E-mail: rasmus.ole.rasmussen@nordregio.se

Heroon Polytechniou Str. 9
157 80 Athens
Contact: Prof Maria Giaoutzi
Tel: +30 210 772 2749
Fax: +30 210 772 2750
E-mail: giaoutsi@central.ntua.gr



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(Supervised by Prof. Maria Giaoutzi)

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