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EUROSIL (European Strategic Intermodal Links)



Duration: 1997-2000

Scientific Responsible: Prof. Maria Giaoutzi (E-mail: giaoutsi@central.ntua.gr)

The Project Objectives

The aim of EUROSIL is the development of reliable and comprehensive guidelines to support decision making processes with respect to impacts of Intermodality, Multimodality and InterOperability on Area Development in the context of the Trans-European and Pan-European Networks.

The objective is to provide practical assistance to actors involved in transport project appraisal by:
- Providing examples of current practice in intermodal, multimodal and interoperable transport projects to assist in fulfilling the understanding of the potential benefits achievable. The project has drawn extensively on a series of case studies to provide valuable evidence on current practice across the Community and parts of Eastern Europe;
- Providing guidelines that facilitate best practice being applied in the further development of intermodal, multimodal and interoperable transport projects thereby advancing current practice;
- Providing guidelines to assist in the identification and assessment of the potential Area Development impact achievable through improved accessibility arising from intermodal, multimodal and interoperable transport projects.

The guidelines consist of recommendations on the identification, measurement and evaluation of these impacts drawing on ‘state of the art’ approaches currently being applied and best practice.


1. Transport Environment Development Systems , Greece
2. Steierwald Schoenharting Und Partner GMBH, Germany
3. Heusch/Boesefeldt GMBH, Germany
4. Technical Research Centre οf Finland, Finland
5. Suunnittelukolmio OΥ Ltd., Finland
6. Ingenieurgruppe Ivv - Aachen, Germany
7. National Technical University οf Athens, Greece (Project Leader)
8. WS Atkins Planning And Management Consultants Ltd, Great Britain
9. STRATEC S.A., Belgium
10. SGI Ingenierie S.A.R.L., France
11. Euro Trans Consulting Limited, Great Britain
12. Impetus Consultants Ltd, Greece
13. Steinbeis - Transfer Centre Applied Systems Analysis, Germany
14. Tecniche e Consulenze Nell'ingegneria Civile, Italy
15. KRUPP Fördertechnik GMBH, Denmark
16. Netherlands Economic Institute, The Netherlands
17. University Of Newcastle Upon Tyne, Great Britain
18. Universität Zu Köln, Germany
19. Universität Dortmund, Germany
20. TRANSMAN Consulting For Transport System Management Ltd, Hungary





Doctoral Thesis

(Supervised by Prof. Maria Giaoutzi)

1996 - Stratigea Anastasia, "The Impacts of ICTs on Spatial Restructuring", NTUA.

2005 - Oludolapo O. Akinyosoye - Gbonda , "SYDEPETR - SYstem to support DEcision for the PETRoleum mining sector: The Niger Delta Region", NTUA.

2007 - Andreatou Aggeliki, "Decision Support Systems for Sustainable Development", NTUA.

2008 - Papakonstantinou Dimitrios, "Closed ICTs Networks in the Management of Tourism Product for Sustainable Development", NTUA.

2011 - Grammatikogiannis Elias, "Decision Making Systems for Public Participation in Regional Planning", NTUA.