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PRAXIS: Platform supporting the exploitation of ACTS Project Trials



ACTS - Advanced Communications Technologies and Services DGXII – Telecommunications, Information Market and Exploitation of Research,

Duration: 1998-2000

Scientific Responsible: Prof. Maria Giaoutzi (giaoutsi@central.ntua.gr)

The Project Objectives

PRAXIS aims at the promotion of ACTS through the integration of trials (SMARTS, INFOWIN, IMMP, AVANTI) and the creation of an electronic platform essentially based on results from different ACTS projects. On the broad and high performance network basis of the remaining ACTS NH structure, with the multimedia services of IMMP and AVANTI using the information of INFOWIN and the user platform of SMARTS, the project will establish a state-of-the-art electronic commerce platform, the so-called Service Machine for the ACTS community. The project will also capitalise on the SMARTS user group of 5000 European SMEs. Based on the platform and the user group, PRAXIS will offer ACTS projects participation in commercial feasibility trials, testing the compatibility of the service or product with market requirements and their market value. Accompanying services help projects to concentrate on their core development. Obvious candidates for such electronic commerce trials are for example Print-IT and OCTALIS.


1. Medien und Telekommunikationsberatung und service GMBH und co, (FTK), Germany (Project Leader)
2. Teleport Sachsen-Anhalt GMBH, (TSA), Germany
3. MARTECH International S.A., Belgium
4. NCSR Demokritos, (Greece)
5. Services in Informatics Ergonomics and Management Ltd., (SIEM), Greece
6. CICOM Organisational SARL, France
7. Mokslo Zinios, Lithuania
8. Budapest University Of Economic Science, (BUES), Hungary
9. Futureworks Inc., Canada

Doctoral Thesis

(Supervised by Prof. Maria Giaoutzi)

1996 - Stratigea Anastasia, "The Impacts of ICTs on Spatial Restructuring", NTUA.

2005 - Oludolapo O. Akinyosoye - Gbonda , "SYDEPETR - SYstem to support DEcision for the PETRoleum mining sector: The Niger Delta Region", NTUA.

2007 - Andreatou Aggeliki, "Decision Support Systems for Sustainable Development", NTUA.

2008 - Papakonstantinou Dimitrios, "Closed ICTs Networks in the Management of Tourism Product for Sustainable Development", NTUA.

2011 - Grammatikogiannis Elias, "Decision Making Systems for Public Participation in Regional Planning", NTUA.