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Giaoutzi Maria, Professor, NTUA

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Professor of Economic Geography and Regional Planning at the Department of Geography and Regional Planning, National Technical University of Athens; Fellow of the Netherlands Institute of Advanced Studies (NIAS), the Royal Dutch Academy, since 1991; Member of various International Research Networks (GREMI, NECTAR, URBINO, STELLA, etc.); Consultant at various International Organizations, such as OECD, EEC, ERT, ESF, etc. Among others Elected Chancellor at the Steering Committee of the International Regional Science Association (1990-94); Elected Member of the Executive Committee of I.G.U-C18 (Telecommunications)/ CNFG, (1992-95); President of the Board of Directors of the Hellenic Tourism Organization Land Development Company (1998-2000).
Her research interests are on e- Planning, e-Government, Foresight Methodologies, Scenario Planning, Participatory Methodologies and Modeling, Environmental Integrated Assessment, ICTs and Spatial Structures, Decision Support Systems, Evaluation Methods, e-Learning, Resource Management, Renewable Energy, Transportation Planning, Tourism and Regional Development, etc.

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