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Lila Leontidou, Professor of Geography and European Culture at the Hellenic Open University (EAΠ), is currently Vice Dean of the School of Humanities of EAΠ and Director of the GEM (Geograpic Euro-Mediterranean) Research Unit. She has studied Architecture in Athens (NTU - EMP), Geography and Spatial Governance in London (MSc, LSE) and has been awarded a Ph.D from the University of London.
She has held permanent University posts in Thessaloniki (Aristotelian University, late 1970s), Athens (National Technical University, 1980s, Associate Professor), London (Senior Lecturer in Human Geography and Mediterranean Studies at King’s College London, 1990s). She then returned to Greece in 1997 in order to contribute in the establishment of the first University degree course of Geography in the country, at the University of the Aegean, as Senate Member and the first Chair of the Department of Geography. In 2002 she moved to the Hellenic O.U., where she was twice elected Dean of the School of Humanities (2003 and 2005), President of the Board of the United Corporation of University Staff (2008), and Vice Dean (2007- ). She has also held competitive University posts as invited Professor in Université Paris 1- Panthéon- Sorbonne (2008-9) and Université de Caen (1999-2000) and as Senior Fellow at the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore (1986). She is a member of several learned societies and the international editorial advisory boards of the academic journals Urban Studies, Urban History, Geografiska Annaler, City: Analysis of Urban trends, Culture, Theory, Policy.
Research interests: She has been project leader in international competitive research projects, has coordinated research networks, and has published research on: European and Mediterranean cultures and grass-roots politics; borders, territoriality and social exclusion; civil society and NGOs, urban social movements; European integration / space/ policies; urban restructuring/ governance/ sprawl/ EU policy; modernity, informal economies; spatialities in European and Mediterranean cultures; postmodernism; tourism development and landscapes; Mediterranean environments; epistemology and education in Geography in the context of the history of science. She is currently a member of the international Management Committee of the COST project EastBordNet coordinated by the University of Manchester.
She has published in greek, english, french, and her work has been translated into spanish, italian, german and japanese. Besides her 13 books, she has published textbooks and over 120 research papers as chapters in edited books and articles in Mediterrranean and international academic journals, among which: International Journal of Urban & Regional Research• Environment and Planning• Identities: Studies in Culture & Power• Urban Studies• European Planning Studies• European Urban & Regional Studies• City: Analysis of urban trends, culture, theory, policy, action• Espaces et Societes• and others.

E-mail: leonti@aegean.gr; leontidou@eap.gr




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