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Ballis Athanasios, Associate Professor NTUA

Short CV - Publications

Athanasios Ballis is a Civil/Transportation Engineer. In 1979 he received his Diploma (MSc) and in 1995 his PhD from the School of Civil Engineering of the National Technical University of Athens. He was appointed as Lecturer (200), in the Dept. of Transportation Planning and Technology of the School of Civil Engineering-National Technical University of Athens. Assistant Professor (2006-2011) and Associate Professor (2011- up to now) in the same Department.
He specializes in the field of intermodal transport focusing on intermodal terminal design. He published 110 papers (of which 22 published in international scientific journals, 83 in conference proceedings and workshops and 5 in books) and has participated in many conferences as invited speaker. Mr. Ballis has also participated in many research projects (addressing rail, intermodal transport issues), among them the SIMET (1992-1995), IMPULSE (1996-2001), EUNET (1996-1997), ITIP (2000-2004), TENNASSES (1996-1998), F-MAN(2001-2004), EDIP (2002-2004), ETIS-Agent (2003-2005), MEDA (2003-2005) as intermodal transport expert, “Elaboration of the East Mediterranean Motorways of the Sea Master Plan” (2007-2009), CREAM (2007-2011), ETIS-plus: (2009-today).

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