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Mourmouris C. John , Professor DUTH

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John C. Mourmouris is Professor of “Management and Transportation Economics” & Head of the Master Program “International Economic and Business Relations”, at the University of “Democritus”, Thrace, Greece. He is an expert of the International Union of Railways, Paris, France. He has a broad experience in several top managerial positions i.e. Vice President, “CITIBANK SHIPPING BANK S.A.” of the CITICORP GROUP and C.E.O. of the “Hellenic Railways Organisation S.A.’. He has been involved in several projects and consultations in the following areas of interest: real estate, transportation, shipping, banking and stock exchange all over the world.
His main research interests are: railway transportation restructuring, privatisation and evaluation, investment and development strategy, waste disposal facilities location and evaluation, multi-criteria structuring, and multi-criteria evaluation efficiency comparative analysis, etc.

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e-mail: jomour@eexi.gr


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