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Angelos Siolas, Professor NTUA

Short CV - Publications

Angelos Siolas is Professor of Urban Planning at the Department of Geography and Regional Planning, School of Rural and Surveying Engineering, National Technical University of Athens (NTUA). He is the Dean of School of Rural and Surveying Engineering (2011-12). He received his first degree in Architecture from the National Technical University of Athens. He did his postgraduate studies (1970-72) in Urban Planning at the Institut d’ Urbanisme de Paris - School of Social Sciences (EIESS). In 1982 he was awarded his Ph.d from the same university. He has represented Greece in many international institutions, workshops and networks.
He has published extensively in local and international scientific journals, and has participated in numerous international conferences. His scientific interest lies mainly on urban planning issues relating to urban environment, public space and environmentally-friendly networks as well as urban social issues.

E-mail: Angelos@survey.ntua.gr








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